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Zan Hybrid Max Cue Tip Ø13mm 1 pc


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Five elements which constitute Zan tip:

  • Control
  • Sharpness
  • Elasticity
  • Durability
  • Sound

ZAN tips are high-quality laminated leather tips composed of eight or nine layers of pig and hog leather. For each hardness, specific leathers are used which gives ZAN tips solidity and high elasticity. Using this unique approach, ZAN tips hold chalk exceptionally well. This, in turn, gives the players maximum control and consistency, no matter what shot they have at the table. 

Zan tips are handmade by experienced leatherworkers who play professionally as well. The consistency and attention to detail are evidence of their dedication to making the finest cue tips in the world. 

Hybrid Max (8 layersHardness★Spin★★★
The Hybrid Max tip is a marriage of two different tips into one, hence the hybrid name. The medium hardness pig skin is the contact area, while the hard leather is used in the core section of the tip. This combination gives you a solid feel, but with fewer miscues, unlike a standard hard tip. The Hybrid Max gives the player the power of a Hard, grip of a Medium, and control of a Soft all in one.

Product specifications:

  • Tip type: Play tip
  • Material: Pig and hog leather
  • Number of layers: 8
  • Tip Hardness: Hybrid
  • Tip Diameter: 13 mm
  • Made in Japan