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Simonis X-1 Billiard Cloth Cleaner

Iwan Simonis

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Iwan Simonis has continuously had the objective and the priority of improving the quality of its billiard-table cloths in order to offer optimum material from the point of view of quality, precision, durability and consistency in all of the disciplines related to billiards.

detail SIMONIS X-1In order to best preserve its qualities, a billiard cloth deserves efficient cleaning. It is for this purpose that we devised and developed a totally innovative accessory: the Simonis X-1.

For regular maintenance of the playing surface i.e. the removal of chalk dust, you will no longer need a traditional brush that only moves this dust around on the cloth, nor daily use of a vacuum cleaner that may damage the cloth and the use of which is therefore impractical, nor a maintenance product that is likely to stretch or discolor the cloth or alter its properties. The Simonis X-1 deeply extracts the chalk dust from the baize and retains it in its revolutionary high-tech structure!

Use of SIMONIS X-1

The Simonis X-1 works by static electricity and by capillarity. It is, therefore, a very flexible and rapid back and forth movement and not the exaggerated pressure which would be needed for the optimal effectiveness of a brush.

After having cleaned the whole table, including the horizontal part of the cushions, use the Simonis X-1 to delicately brush the playing surface in parallel lines in order to give the cloth its well-kept appearance.

The Simonis X-1 possesses a high absorption capacity and can easily retain the dust of half a chalk in its textile structure. Once the Simonis X-1 no longer seems to retain the chalk, all one has to do is release the dust absorbed by the high-tech structure to restore its initial effectiveness.

To do this, we recommend that you:

  • either vacuum the textile structure
  • or beat/slap the structure with your hand.

detail SIMONIS X-1(do not hit the Simonis X-1 against a hard surface which could damage the X-1 or that same surface; do not clean the textile surface with any liquid)

Please note however that the textile surface will retain the color of the chalk, even after having been emptied. This coloration is normal and in no way alters the effectiveness of the Simonis X-1.

The Simonis X-1 can absorb any sort of fine dust provided that it can be integrated into the high-tech structure of the X-1.


design of Simonis X-1

The dimensions and shape of the Simonis X-1 have been designed to be best adapted to each user. Its non-slip handle is suited to all hands and its size is designed to maintain optimum control during the cleaning of your table.

Its curved shape enables it to be used effectively along the cushions, without risk of damaging the cloth or the rubber.

Product Specifications: 

  • Product size: 6" x 6" x 2" (15 x 15 x 5 cm)
  • Net weight: 9.3 oz (264 gr)
  • Box size: 6 1/4" x 6 1/4" x 2 1/2" (16.2 x 16.2 x 6.3 cm)
  • Gross weight: 14.6 oz (412 gr)
  • Made in Belgium