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Tweeten Rubber-Covered Metal Pool Table Chalk Holder w/Chalk


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Product features:

  • You’ll never lose your chalk again– attach this chalk holder to your pool table or any other place in your game room
  • Now you will always know where your chalk is. Regular chalking helps prevent miscues
  • Your hands will never be dirty again
  • No more laying chalk on the rails and causing dust on the rails and on the cloth
  • Rubber–covered to avoid marking the table
  • Protects your chalk from being crushed or damaged
  • String insert for attaching to the table. String length is ~20 inches
  • The string is firmly fastened to the chalk holder
  • Metal chalk case holds chalk well
  • Includes one piece of Master chalk, blue color
  • Designed to fit any standard-sized chalk
  • Great for home or commercial use

 Product specifications:

  • Chalk Holder material: Metal, rubber
  • Chalk Holder Color: Black
  • Master Chalk color: Blue
  • Cord length: ~20” (~51 cm)
  • Product weight: 1.7 oz (48 gr)
  • Made in the USA by Tweeten Fibre Company