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Tiger Everest Cue Tip Ø14mm Medium 1 pc


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All genuine Tiger Everest® Cue tips will have the name, the year it's made, Tiger logo and Made in USA. If it's not on the back end of the tip, then it's not a genuine Tiger tip.

Product Features:

Selected from the finest quality pig skins in the world, Everest® Laminated Cue Tip is the most sophisticated, durable and advanced cue tip created. Each layer is carefully selected and split. From these splits only the ten most even and durable layers are chosen. By vacuum laminating with our own VACULAM™ process, Everest® cue tip becomes the best laminated cue tip ever. Each Everest® Laminated Cue Tip is individually tested for consistency, hardness, and quality. The special red layer warns when to replace the tip. This cue tip shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium and has a control like a soft tip. 

Play with one and experience, THE ULTIMATE HIGH IN PLAY!

Installation: Glue from the laser engraved side
Product specifications:
  • Tip type: Play tip
  • Material: Finest quality pig skin
  • Number of layers: 10
  • Tip Hardness: Medium (3+)
  • Tiger Durometer (Type A): 95 
  • Mueller Durometer (Type B/C): 73-76
  • Tip Diameter: 14 mm
  • Tips Per Box: 12 tips
  • Made in USA