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Tiger Dynamite Cue Tip Ø14mm Hard 1 pc


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All genuine Tiger Dynamite® Cue tips will have the name, the year it's made, Tiger logo and Made in USA. If it's not on the back end of the tip, then it's not a genuine Tiger tip.

Product Features:

This hard cue tip is a very consistent cue tip with good control. Dynamite® laminated cue tip is made out of seven layers of pig leather and treated to a specific hardness naturally. Laminated with VACULAM™ process, Dynamite® cue tip is the best priced laminated cue tip for its quality and durability. This tip is the ideal tip for cue makers and manufacturers as the standard tip for their line of cues. When you play with Dynamite® laminated cue tip, IT BLOWS THE COMPETITION AWAY!!

Installation: Glue from the laser engraved side       

Product specifications: 

  • Tip type: Play tip
  • Material: Pig leather
  • Number of layers: 7
  • Tip Hardness: Hard (5)
  • Tiger Durometer (Type A): 97 
  • Mueller Durometer (Type B/C): 80-83
  • Tip Diameter: 14 mm
  • Tips Per Box: 12 tips
  • Made in USA