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Longoni S20 C69 Carom Shaft Wooden Joint


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Longoni is the most famous Italian name in the world of billiards. For over 75 years the Longoni family has been creating, producing and marketing items for this sport all over the world.

The Longoni name has become worldwide synonymous with quality and prestige in the billiard field.

Care for the environment, worker safety and a typically Italian approach to business management have always given the brand reliability and prestige.

All Longoni cues are produced entirely in Italy, in the factory located in the city of Mariano Comense, the province of Como, always under the strict control of Longoni staff.

Longoni billiard cues have been tested and approved by the greatest champions in the world.





Wood classic shafts are heavily anisotropic and release uncontrollable forces during hit.

Renzo Longoni in the late sixties deeply analyzed the problem coming to the conclusion that nature has to be recreated. He decided to cut slices of wood, select them by weight, straight veneer and quality to recreate a perfect shaft using just best pieces. Laminated shaft was born and patented in 1985.



Improving constantly the quality of the game is one of the primary goals of the Longoni team.

To guarantee the maximum gaming performance of the Longoni shafts, a lot of work has been done on their frontal part introducing the new JBR2 ferrules by Longoni with high-density G10 support and a proprietary system to reduce deflection, improving acoustics.



In order to improve the balance and acoustic, in all laminated shafts close to the joint area, a long hole filled with a special foam was created. This material compensates density, absorbs vibrations and improves the balance.



Each Stratos shaft has a unique serial number that allows tracing the production date.

S20 is the world's first shaft with an innovative 20-slice structure of Quebec hard rock maple. The internal structure has been developed to achieve the best possible balance.

Longoni company uses for its shafts only the best hard rock maple from Quebec (Canada) and the whitest European hornbeam, where extremely low temperatures, sunlight, and ground provide the best quality of wood for the billiard game. The processing cycle of each shaft lasts for at least 24 months.

All Longoni shafts are covered by a warranty for two years against manufacturing defects on parts such as joint, ferrule, and ferrule sticking. Each shaft is controlled before the shipment to be perfectly straight and to comply with the strictest requirements of the customers.


The main characteristics of the wooden joint are:

  • A firm lock, yet the natural feel of a one-piece cue
  • The cue has a smoother hit than with a metal joint
  • The cue gives the player maximum feedback about the hit of the ball
  • The cue is more flexible.

Product features:

  • Stratos S20 shaft: the world's first shaft with an innovative 20-slice structure of Quebec hard rock maple
  • IMAGO Ring: Epoxy and cotton fiber-based ring with a wood look. Resistance, performance, elegance. Another Longoni exclusive technology
  • Wooden joint for a smoother hit and natural feel
  • Included with the shaft: Longoni Joint Protector (Made in Italy), Longoni Tip Protector, Longoni Soft Case

Product Specifications:

  • Shaft type: S20 Stratos Laminated Shaft
  • Shaft material: Quebec Hard Rock Maple
  • Shaft length: 69 cm (cue tip not included)
  • Shaft weight: 126-135 gr
  • Shaft profile: Conic 69
  • Ring: Imago
  • Joint type: Wooden
  • Joint diameter: 22 mm
  • Cue tip type: Fuji Camogli Medium
  • Cue tip diameter: 12 mm
  • Ferrule length: 6.5 mm
  • Joint Protector: Included
  • Tip Protector: Included
  • Country of manufacture: Italy
  • Brand Name: Longoni
  • Packing: Soft Case with Longoni Logo
  • Gross weight: 7 oz (200 gr) (cue case included)
  • MSRP: 328 Euros
  • Made in Italy by Longoni