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Longoni California Hard Cue Case 2 x 4


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The Longoni name, with over 70 years of all Italian history, has become worldwide synonymous with quality and prestige in the billiard field.

More than seventy years have passed since the founding of Longoni, but still every single Longoni product is designed and fabricated exclusively in Italy, with the highest attainable quality standards. This is the Longoni hallmark, worldwide.

Longoni’s mission is the quest for better solutions regarding materials, design and construction, with traditional craftsmanship. Longoni products are refined contemporary classics, built with cutting edge technology and materials.

Quality – in products and service – are Longoni’s ultimate advertising.

Hundreds of thousands billiard enthusiasts all over the world play with Longoni cues, which very often were purchased more than fifty years ago. It reaffirms the performance and the durability of Longoni products.

All Longoni cue cases are interiorly printed and assembled in Italy according to Longoni specifications to ensure a long life-time, handiness and elegance. Each cue case is covered by a 24 months guarantee for production defects.

All the borders are made of genuine hand-sewed leather. Any imperfection in the cuts or in the borders is the clearest guarantee of the handmade production.

The cases for Longoni cues have been developed to ensure the best protection to your game tools. Well-known for the protection of the weapons, these cases have been wisely adapted to be practical and elegant. The body of the case is made of ABS, a resistant and elastic plastic, used in the fields where protection must be the best one as for the cars' bumpers.

The Longoni cases are available in different models to meet every player's requirements.

For some models there are also some travel bags available so that you can load your cue cases on airplanes or trains avoiding to scratch any leather or glossy surface.

The inner part of the cases has been developed to ensure an easy maintenance. All internal sponges and locks are easily replaceable also by people who are not technicians.

Thanks to Longoni cue cases carrying your cues will be an experience of an absolute comfort and safety.

Product features:

  • Developed to ensure the best protection for your cues
  • Material: ABS with genuine hand-sewed leather
  • Developed for 5 pins, carom and pool cues
  • Designed to hold up to 2 butts and 4 shafts, 2 extensions and spares
  • Engineered to optimize spaces
  • 2 combination locks
  • Product Line: Exclusive
  • Longoni logo
  • MSRP: €302.24

    Product specifications:

    • External size: 32" x 8 3/4" x 3 3/4" (81.5 x 22.5 x 9.5 cm)
    • Max internal length: 30 ½" (78 cm)
    • Cue case gross weight:  4.9 lbs (2.2 kg)
    • Cues are not included
    • Made in Italy by Longoni