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Kamui Clear Black Cue Tip Ø13mm Hard


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Achieve further consistency by limiting the glue absorbed into the bottom layer of the tip


No sanding of the bottom layer is needed. Easy installation due to the flat surface of the glue side


A minimal amount of glue guarantees a perfectly aligned installation to achieve the designed tip and cue performance

Kamui promises performance and consistency. The ability to rely on product performance enables players to seek higher-level strategies and intuitively rely on their imagination to its fullest extent.

    Hardness [Hard→Soft]
    Popular hardness barometer.
    The hardness is tested with static hardness measurement. This measurement does not take time and speed of acceleration into consideration.

    Elasticity [High→Low]
    Elasticity stands for bouncing force generated when a tip impacts a cue ball with the speed of acceleration.
    When the elasticity of a tip gets higher, the contact time of the tip and cue ball gets longer so that you can have more spin on a cue ball and feel bouncy shot feeling. On the other hand, the contact time is shortened as elasticity gets lower. So that you can get a more solid shot feeling.

    Product features:
    • Kamui Clear: A new standard that optimizes performance. Creating a more solid bond in order to bring out the maximum potential of the tip
    • Consistent playability: Kamui tip performance allows playability and reliability on the table under any circumstances
    • High durability against mushrooming
    • Best quality control in the billiard tip industry

      Product specifications:
      • Tip type: Play tip
      • Tip Hardness: Hard
      • Tip Diameter: 13 mm
      • Number of leather layers: 8
      • Number of polycarbonate layers: 2
      • Transparent polycarbonate layer thickness: 0.8 mm
      • Black polycarbonate layer thickness: 0.5 mm
      • Made in Japan