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Kamui 1.21 Beta Billiard Chalk Sky Blue 1 pc


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Product features:

  • Grip power: In order to create a larger sweet spot, the exact proportions of the chalk particles are delicately regulated. This enhancement makes the most of the potential of Kamui tips
  • Adhesion: Thanks to the unique ingredients, it is easy to apply an appropriate amount on the tip
  • Solidity: The chalk gains high density and solidity by removing the air. Benefits include ease of chalking and high adhesion, so it does not wear off

    Larger Sweet Spot: Kamui chalk contains a much finer particle size than standard chalk. The purpose of this is to maximize friction and offer a larger sweet spot to generate more spin on the cue ball

    More Accurate Aim: Increasing friction decreases deflection, giving the player a more accurate aim when English is applied

    Product specifications:

    • Color: Sky Blue
    • Net weight: 0.7 oz (19.5 gr)
    • Gross weight: 0.75 oz (21.5 gr)
    • Made in Japan