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Joe Porper's Pocket Pal Tip Clamp

Joe Porper

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 Product Features: 

  • The "Tip Clamp" is the perfect tool to keep in your cue case. In a moment's notice, you can reapply a tip that's interrupted your game! It's that simple!

Product Instructions:  

  • Place your favorite glue on the ferrule, Joe prefers the ferrule. Position the tip onto the ferrule and slide around to seat the tip and to spread the glue evenly. When the tip is in position:
  • Place the "Tip Clamp" over the cue shaft and ferrule and slide the ring "keeper" over the clamp body. The "Tip Clamp" centers the tip exactly on the shaft and holds it firmly in place until the glue is dry
  • When the glue is dry, just slide the keeper back off and the "Tip Clamp" will swing away from the shaft leaving a tip that is in perfect alignment and ready for shaping or play

Product Specifications: 

  • Product weight: 1 oz (28 gr)
  • Made in USA