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Iwan Simonis Cloth Installation Training Video Bed Cloth

Iwan Simonis

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Product features:

  • This video will explain how to properly install Simonis cloth on beds
  • Proper installation is critical for the best look, the best play and the longest life of your cloth
  • Once properly installed, Simonis cloth will enhance your enjoyment of the game by allowing you to play your best

Simonis cloth installation information:

When installing Simonis cloth, be sure to put the MARKED SIDE UP. This smooth side has printing on the edge with the grade, i.e. Simonis 860. This is the playing surface of the cloth. (The back of the cloth is not sheared as fine and is slightly fuzzy).  

  • Simonis cloth is harder to stretch than other cloths.
  • This is true and it is intentional. Simonis goes to great lengths to ensure that our cloth stays within small, specified ranges of extension and elasticity. The benefit of this precision tolerancing is that, once the cloth is properly installed, it will not loosen or require re-stretching like many lesser quality cloths require and any small damage to the playfield will not grow or spread as it does in these lesser quality cloths.

Simonis cloth is meant to be installed tightly over the surface of the slate. This not only provides the best playing conditions, but it will ultimately increase the usable life of your cloth and your enjoyment of the game.

Simonis Standard Cloth Cutting Guide:

Many tables require special sizes in order to be covered properly. The Simonis Standard Guide is provided for general reference.