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Cue Doctor Cue Cleaner & Conditioner

Cue Doctor

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Product Features:

  • The legendary Cue Doctor Cue Cleaner and Conditioner is back in stock!
  • This product is the perfect choice for polishing, cleaning, and protecting your cue
  • Cue Doctor Cue Cleaner and Conditioner will leave your pool cue shaft clean, smooth, and protected
  • It is recognized as the most effective cue shaft cleaner on the market
  • Gently cleans dirt and removes stains from your cue shaft
  • Cue Doctor’s time-tested formula is proven to extend the life of your pool cue
  • Cue Doctor Cue Cleaner and Conditioner is your all-in-one complete billiard cue care product
  • World-famous brand
  • Quick and easy to use to make your shaft look like new
  • Great for all types of wooden cue shafts

Product Specifications:

  • Volume: 3 fl.oz. (89 ml)
  • Gross weight: 4.2 oz (120 gr) 


  1. Apply Cleaner & conditioner liberally to wood with a soft cloth and rub vigorously with the wood grain until dry.
  2. Buff with a clean soft cloth to attain a smooth finish
  3. On heavily soiled cue shafts and ferrules, more than one application may be necessary. Clean only four inches at a time and move to a clean area of the cloth frequently 

Keep out of the reach of children. 

CAUTION: Do not use on polymer-coated cue butts or shafts. This cleaner and conditioner may dull a coated finish.

Made in the USA