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Tiger Cue Tip Ø14mm Soft 1 pc


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All genuine Tiger® Cue tips will have the name, the year it's made, Tiger logo and Made in USA. If it's not on the back end of the tip, then it's not a genuine Tiger tip.

Product Features:

Laminated with VACULAM™ process and made out of eleven layers of quality full Chrome cowhide, Tiger® Laminated Cue Tips give players the most in control and spin. Soft Tiger tips give the players all the benefits of a soft tip without mushrooming much. By using the natural characters of the leather, Tiger was able to achieve better consistency and maximum control on the specific hardness. Tiger Laminated Cue Tips, play with one and IMPROVE YOUR GAME!

Installation: Glue from the laser engraved side

Product specifications: 

  • Tip type: Play tip
  • Material: High-quality cow hide
  • Number of layers: 11
  • Hardness: Soft (2)
  • Durometer (Type A): 93
  • Mueller Durometer (Type B/C): 65-69
  • Tip Diameter: 14 mm
  • Tips Per Box: 12 tips
  • Made in USA